Fum girls don’t become feminists

I’m not sure that women wanting to lain or say kiddush is necessarily feminism, but in the frum community it’s been deemed such and so I’ve been wondering why it is that frum girls usually don’t get into the feminism thing. Is it because they are sheltered, or is it because they have what they need and aren’t always wondering about the rituals and traditions that don’t apply to them in an orthodox interpretation of the Torah. 

A lot of people look at frum society and scoff at the lack of freedoms for women, they say that separate but equal doesn’t really apply here because women can’t do this and that, the list goes on, but is this really the case. It seems to me that the grass is always greener can really apply to women who don’t feel fulfilled in their roles. Now before all you feminists start burning your bras on my lawn, I’ll have you know that I don’t think it’s wrong for women to do a lot of the things they do – I’m just kind of wondering about such things.

Or are we orthodox people all brainwashed into the women’s roles thing? I don’t really like the whole apologetic “women are on a higher spiritual level” stuff, it bugs me. Of course, on the flip side most of the women I know who want to do the stuff that men are doing aren’t doing the basic mitzvos commanded of all of us. If you were a very frum woman who kept halacha and finally decided that your madreiga was such that it was time to put on talis and tefillin, go gezunta heit. Perfect, I have no qualms with that, what bothers me is the fact that people seem to be very picky and choosy with their mitzvot and it seems they are picking the rituals without bothering to obey basic halacha.

Why is it that once people begin to keep basic halacha, they lose interest in trying to do everything that seems interesting and start to focus on what they’re supposed to be doing (according to shulchan aruch I’m saying) Sure, I want to take challah, have babies and go to the mikvah after my period, but God commanded that I wake up at 6am and wrap myself bondage style in cow hide and boxes.