Are you a JFK-Jew (just for kiddush)

I’m not sure popular the term JFK-Jew is but it means Just For Kiddush. For the record I have never been a Just for Kiddush kind of guy, unless you count the kavannah of having in mind that I’m only davening in the said shul because they have a good Kiddush that week. Of course, here in the Bay Area this is impossible, but back in Far Rockaway the only reason to accompany my father to the White Shul on shabbos morning is because they have a very good selection of herring to choose from.

JFK-Jews are not necessarily bad people, sure they are moochers, rarely are they members of the shul that is hosting the Kiddush and rarely do they contribute to any sort of Kiddush themselves, well I guess maybe I’m wrong – JFK-Jews are the scum of the earth. The upper west side was full of these types of people, I’m sure I was guilty of this as a kid, showing up at places like OZ or Lincoln Square for Kiddush, but never even stepping foot in the sanctuary.

If you want to do the JFK thing right, you should really show up for musaf, that way people actually think you came to shul and you can shuffle out with the congregation and pretend like you just had to sit through that ridiculously long modern orthodox service just to get to the food.

Of course, you can always become a JFK hopper, which means you go to multiple shuls just for the Kiddush. This takes a lot of expertise, as you have to time things out properly. It helps to know someone in the shul, so it look like you came to drop by, but no one is going to say anything.

I’m all ears if you have some Just For Kiddush stories or tactics of your own.

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