This was not a hoax

I spent a most fantastic Shabbos in the Viznitz community is Monsey and, believe it or not, the topics of discussion that dominated the Shabbos table consisted of an overlap with such range and depth of the topics we discuss here on FrumSatire and I was faced with the realization that I had made the decision to move on, but perhaps that decision was made in haste.

I then sign in and I observe the tremendous words of encouragement from a range of readers and sense that, perhaps more than you, I too cannot really believe that I had considered an existence without the contribution of FrumSatire — for you may not know, but it was I who derived more inspiration from it than any of you, and I often felt that my work here on FrumSatire was in and of itself a motivation for my continued work on FrumSatire; and even though that may sound as cyclical as belief in chazal because of chazal’s insistence that we believe, let me assure you that it is not!.  So I have decided to recant.

Please accept my resignation of my resignation effective immediately.