Can inverting your yarmulke help relieve headaches?

It sounds pretty crazy as home remedies go, but according to one very excited Yeshiva World News reader it has worked many times. I’m wondering what other frum placebo’s there are? Will walking backward out of a shul really help me prevent from being a hunch back and will using extra water when I wash negel vasser really save my skin? I honestly don’t know, but I definitely know quite a number of women who refrain from drinking the havdallah wine because they have hair on their faces and refraining from sipping havdallah wine is said to prevent women from growing a beard. 

If you really want to get into crazy placebo stuff, just find your nearest older single girl from a bais yaakov type of back round who loves chesed, playing with her nephews and hanging out with friends. These “not your typical” bais yaakov girls are known to have tried every shidduch crisis remedy in the book, yet they remain single. Why keep trying these placebo segulas if they don’t work? Because one of her friends cousins had a sister who said shit hashirim every day and guess what? She got engaged…

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