Do you hold of Valentines Day?

Up until a few years ago, I had no idea there was even a Jewish Valentines Day let alone the exact date of Valentines Day. In yeshiva I do remember all the candy sales right afterward and how the stores suddenly switched their attention to Easter, as if Valentines Day was another holiday invented solely for Hallmark and Nestle. So I myself don’t do Valentines Day, but I wonder if any of you hold of it. Sure I know that technically it’s a Christian Holiday, but after doing my research I found an article which states that according to the Rama’s guidelines set forth with regards to Jews celebrating holidays invented by Gentiles, one could technically celebrate Valentines Day without breaking any halacha – but where’s the fun in that? 

I do have a future wife to please, but I’m sure my Rav would get me out of it and due to the fact that most of the Valentines Day stuff is red I’m sure I could get a heter for not holding of Valentines Day because red considered untznius by anyone who calls themselves frum. As with Halloween I always find it interesting that some Jews feel the need to pay more attention to the goyishe versions of their own holidays, as if the goyishe versions are more intriguing in some way. Well, they are more intriguing, because we didn’t grow up with them and by celebrating them you’re rebelling just a tad.

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