Proposal to only rent to Jews in Crown Heights sounds like Nazi Germany

Crown Heights is on the road to becoming the next Williamsburg and it’s chassidic residents feel the need to fight back. A recent letter to the famous mud slinging chabad website called COL, blamed landlords for being too open with who they rent to. Basically, the author of the letter is demanding rental profiling to keep goyim out. I wonder how those chabadnicks would feel if, non-Jewish landlords started profiling to keep Jews out of certain neighborhoods, though this is besides the point. Profiling is wrong and if you’re Chassidic stronghold isn’t really that strong, you shouldn’t be blaming good coffee shops, cool bars and fixed gear bicycle shops for your spiritual woes. I responded to the letter below, which, if you change a few words, sounds awfully similar to a KKK rally speech. 

Demographic changes are swiftly changing the culture of our neighborhood. Local Lubavitch landowners and outside chassidic investors are making Crown Heights an attractive location for young, non Jewish tenants. In fact, it has come to attention that some investors are specifically targeting their advertising for this purpose. This is clearly seen with the new PLEX building Montgomery Street and Nostrand Avenue.

Sounds like the beginning of a White Power speech.

Young, upwardly mobile professionals may seem to be pleasant tenants who bring in reliable income, but they also introduce a very different way of life: new nightclubs and bars, sun tanning on rooftops, bike lanes and an increasing amount of immodesty on our streets. Some of these changes are hard to ignore; for instance, one of the sun tanning parties are visible for our young children to see from the window of a local school.

Young Ultra Orthodox shylock’s are going to invade our neighborhoods and bring with them garbage, untamed lawns, children running amok and Taliban like law prohibiting women from sun tanning as they please…We will not tolerate such violations in our own country club, why would we let them into our own WASP only neighborhood?

Rising rent compounds the problem and makes it even harder for our young couples and families to compete in the rental market. Friends, we pay a premium to live in this neighborhood, and we strive to create an atmosphere of holiness and kedusha for our children and teens. These yuppies bring pritzus to our neighborhood. They come out at night to our restaurants and act inappropriately while waiting on line etc.

These Jews are no good for our neighborhood, they have invaded many parts of Brooklyn and we don’t want them here. They act inappropriately and can never control their large brood. They wear strange clothing and make the property value of our neighborhood go down because they make all their houses look stupid with out of place columns and marble.

We would hope that landlords, especially the Crown Heights landlords, would put a priority on our values, but sadly the need to make money is taking precedence for them. Some young agents and landlords will specifically rent to these goyim instead of a fellow Jewish family. Sadly, some homeowners have gone as far as bringing these yuppies as tenants in their home in prime locations.

We would hope that landlords do all in their power to keep this hook nosed, horned, despicable race out of our area. How could anyone rent to a Jew over am Aryan?

Therefore, I suggest taking appropriate actions to help preserve the special the unique nature of our neighborhood.

We must form a group to come up with effective ways to reinforce the observant Jewish character of crown heights. The Satmars in Williamsburg are faced with the same problem and have made a successful committee to curb this issue. This could include meeting with investors from our own community and possibly outside, subsidizing rent for our own community members or other creative solutions.

We must create a chillul Hashem in order to keep the holier than thou full of shit character of our neighborhoods.

Friends, I too am a landlord. Yes, it may seem easier to bring these young people as tenants. However, think about how they will change the face of our unique community In spiritual and physical sense. They are buying condos from our OWN landlords in the heart of the community. If we don’t give precedence to our own couples and help our communities expand, Then who will?

Think about how dirty those Jews are, how could you look yourself in the mirror after you allowed them to rent a property and ruin the neighborhood. As a community we have survived through thick and thin. We have survived through the riots to help preserve our community. Why are we bringing in more outsiders with open hands? Please help us in defending the special, unique place that is Crown Heights for our children and their future.

Thank you,
A Crown Heights Resident

Please help us maintain our white Aryan only colony and make sure we are not polluted with Jews, blacks, slavs and modern orthodox. White Christian Power baby!