I swear she’s not a dude

I’ve gotten a few calls asking me if I’m joking for attention, but this post is really showcasing some of the funniest comments I’ve received so far on the blog and facebook: So far there have been 315 likes and 190 comments on the facebook update.

From Telz Angel: Second lesson: (from more personal experience) during the act, she might yell out “ma-heir, ma-heir” She is not reverting to Hebrew and asking you to go faster. She is telling you to get off her hair.

From Offthedwannabe: Mazal Tov Heshy! I looked at your facebook page and I was like, why does that girl look so familiar? Did she live near me? Then I remembered I looked at her pictures a few weeks ago because she looked hot.
Ah, Facebook. Making it easier than ever to be a perv.

Envisioning a tribe of Little Heshies on tricycles terrorizing some poor teenaged babysitter….Look out, world!!! Their existence just got a lot less hypothetical!

And Mazel Tov!

hey so wait did you switch boats to chabad? – No her chabad dock is going to get my misnagdishe boat if you know what I mean
1) are you going to say the ma’amar lecha dodi? – WTF is that?
2) are you going to grow a beard? – I wish I could grow a beard
3) are you going to wear a kapota? – Maybe when I want to go to shul naked.
4) where are you gonna live? – San Francisco

Mazal Tov! It’s about friggin time. Now you can take shots at Chabad from the inside, more fun that way, gives you some kind of immunity.

Will be interesting to see how this affects your writing style. Me Too
Real happy for you, all the best!

From A. Nuran: The poor girl will never have a decent meal she doesn’t cook herself. “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Cooks don’t like to cook outside of working hours. He is sort of right…but she will definitely be getting a lot of experimental stuff.

Mazel tov Heshy, from a big fan in Dallas. I wish you and your future wife a happy and prosperous life. Just please keep blogging – you inspire me on a daily basis. I am definitely more observant because of you. Frum Satire is a lot more than humor. You are doing G-d’s work.

Friom Tova: “Fried became engaged in January 2012.” Someone’s quick with the Wikipedia updates… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heshy_Fried