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I have developed a new habit lately and that is to basically share everything I want to look at in the future, on my facebook profile. It just occurred to me that although I have the max amount of friends (5000 + a backup account approaching 1000) not everyone is on Facebook and I had better start to share all the goodies I’m finding on my homepage or that people are sending to me. I have always tried to do these link posts and for some reason I feel like they are under-appreciated and the work that goes into them is far more than a regular post, so tell me if you want to see more of these “collections” of finds.

Naturally with the situation in Israel with women and the reinstatement of Jim Crow Laws overseas there’s likely to be a lot of talk about this. Rav Ovadia Yosef is the first “gadol” to make a statement against the violence, of course he doesn’t say what they are fighting for is wrong – just the method. It seems quite late in the game, but at least it isn’t another frummy blaming the secular media for blowing a little violence against school children out of proportion, those darned liberals hating on Charedim! I found a really good post on the situation by a Rabbi from Israel and he mentioned that Rav Moshe ruled that one could even travel on a crowded subway train which will surely lead to forced touching and may even lead to mixed dancing. Someone just sent me this music video promoting unity among the Jews despite our religious differences, it’s not a great song, but the message is one I support.

Dude it’s shabbos is a great video about shabbos and how some people won’t even break it for a million bucks, I like even more that the video doesn’t seem to be the same old kiruv indoctrination and it very well made. ¬†How about some feel good articles out of Israel, this one about a Darfur refugee helping Holocaust survivors. Check out this hilarious video of priests in Israel imitating¬†charedim protest the desecration of shabbos by protesting the desecration of Sunday.

Someone alerted me to the strange fact that Yiddish Metal actually exists! Are you into Foursquare? Well would you check into a non-kosher place on the darned thing – Barry Schwartz wants to know. This I intend to write more about later, but the film Unorthodox, about modern orthodox teens in Israel struggling with their faith.

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