Top 10 signs you’re at a Beit Shemesh New Years party

Found this on Facebook being shared by a bunch of peeps:
Top 10 Signs You are at a Beit Shemesh New Years Party!
10. It’s Black-Vest optional
9. Hard to tell who the host is with all the burkas
8. Someone just spat on you, but quickly apologized by saying “Sorry thought you were a 4 year old”
7. VIP lounge is entitled “MasterBeit Shemesh”
6. Jewified Youtube vid called “Taliban in the house tonight” is a big hit
5. Party theme: ‘Yaytzer Whora’
4. No one finds a problem with the family pictures around the house having the women’s faces blurred out
3. Pretty sure you heard someone say: These guys put the d*ck in chasidic
2. Children around the world amend the song “Hashem is here, Hashem is there, Hashem is truly everywhere song” to add the line “except at this party”
1. Someone will inevitably get stoned