I love hate mail like this

My dear fellow Jew,

Your ignorance of basic Judaism is so evident in your threads, posts, broadcasts and discussions.

What you post on the web is there, for a long, long time. Not only to Jews read this, but non-Jews as well.

Your desecration of G-d’s name is tremendous. You are an embarrassment to me and so many other Jews that try very hard every day to go down the path of a “frum” Jew.

We are all not as fake as those who have helped shape your twisted life. Please take off your Yarmulke when you create videos. It will lessen the desecration factor.

For your sake and the sake of all of the world, find a teacher that can teach you even the basics of Jewish law. Perhaps start with 20 or so CDs from the Avigdor Miller collection…

You have no idea what kind of serious damage you are doing to us all.

My response: My dear fellow Jew that is not being dan l’kav z’chus.

Either you are a baal teshuva in the beginning stages of the aish indoctrination technique or a fellow from brisker kollel (I have some fans there) or maybe just a baal habatish guy from Flatbush who takes life a bit too seriously – you definitely sound like a misnagdishe fellow – because it seems that the chassidishe folks have a bit more of a sense of humor than you do. I do understand your feelings and thoughts, but since folks like the OU and a scattering of kollelim, shuls and yeshivas have hired me to do stand up comedy – it appears you are in a very small minority. Sure I’m honest and I write and talk about some touchy subjects, yes I throw around some nivel peh, recheles, toeles and things our dear friend Yisroel Meir Kagan would not have approved of, but lets just say I’m one of the most powerful anti-kiruv kiruv people on the web.

You see, there is something called the disenfranchised Jew, many of our formerly frum brothers and sisters who really want to believe in this craziness, but cannot simply bringd themselves to do it when we have Gedolim banning perfectly good books and concerts who feel it is a kiddush hashem to cover up child molestation and make women move to the back of the bus. I think it more good than bad to actually make fun of all this craziness. In fact, I’ve been told by multitudes of people that I have kept them on the path of frumkeit – ah but isn’t this at the expense of others? Possibly – but it’s doubtful that someone is watching me make fun of Jews who violently shuckel during davening or who do crazy thumb dips while shteiging the latest masechta to be on the daf yomi cycle is going to go off the derech because of it. Fact is, your negative attitude is more likely to make people go off the derech and you my friend are probably a disgrace to Judaism, or at least the disenfranchised Jews who read my site – 68,000 last month to be exact.

I have a lot of non-Jewish fans and it’s good for them to see some humor and fun coming out of the orthodox world once in a while, especially in times like these when I have noticed none of the so called gedolim standing up for what’s right and just cowering behind their shtenders and not being leaders. Where are the Irving Bunims, Reb Yaakovs and Rabbi Sherers of this generation?

So you would rather me take off my yarmulke and make fun of orthodox from a secular looking podium, isn’t that a bigger chullul hashem, not being true to my roots and looking like a bigger douche that I already am.