Shidduch Resume: 5ft 4, 110lbs, 34:24:35

I haven’t posted quite so many shidduch resumes on this site, because most people have only started to think beyond the pale of shidduch websites, asking their friends and facebook stalking. Most of the shidduch resumes I have posted are of girls. If you have a shidduch resume, it can be, in fact I prefer that it be funny – please send it over to please note that the picture is just for reference, as the girl would like to remain anonymous.

This is short, sweet, sincere and to the point. I’m already fed up of shadchanim telling me that being a ger means I have to date a guy with rabies and a club foot.

Age: 23
FFB/BT?: Giyoret
Location: British by birth, live in New York but will be in London soon. Will settle in and hear from guys either country.
Educated: Graduate
Work: High School teacher, which I genuinely enjoy and some cheder teaching too.
Religious level: I guess most people would say MO Machmir. Orthodox for sure, shomer negiah and all that good stuff but still in touch with the real world.
Shabbos/Kashrut: Obviously (cholov yisrael at home)
Cover Hair: Goes without saying?
Mikveh: See previous question.
Looking for: Male, Jewish, Straight, Normal?? Or more seriously, frum (fairly open with the spectrum), working but at least some effort to learn and most importantly can make me laugh. If you like Heshy’s blog tho I figure that’s a good sign. Also if you’re hot [and over 5′ 7] that helps too.
And, from Heshy’s blog I know that guys like to know about the looks so I’ll give you the (tongue-in-cheek) ‘essentials’: 5ft 4, 110lbs, 34:24:35

Thanks Hesh. If you could not post my email but forward me replies, I’d be grateful. Tried to make it a bit anonymous as I figure quite a few people I know read your blog too.