YU Responds

Nice Jugs!Dear donors and parents,

The board of Yeshiva University assures you that we have taken clear and decisive action in the matter of the YU Beacon article that has brought much shame to our community.   As you know, this article reported an incident of intimacy among the girls of Stern College and boys of YU.  We are committed to correcting this situation.  The rabbinical advisory at YU believes that religious intimacy and sexual values are interconnected.  We read the Song of Songs and see a connection between the carnal love shared between two people and the symbolic love shared between God and B’nei Yisrael.  For this reason, the accusation of illicit intimacy concerns us.

At YU, we promote the religious values of those who follow the teaching of the Rav.  We believe in a detached, rational religion that is devoid of warmth and intimacy.  Much like the followers of the Rav, who exhibit all the hero worship, but none of the warmth of Chassidim, we believe that all students of our institutions should likewise live inspired but dispassionate lives with their partners and with God.

We are dismayed that one Stern girl went searching for intimacy.  We are only comforted knowing that she did not have have such a great first-time experience.  Much like our marriages, we believe that student life at YU and Stern should be sexless, intellectual, and dedicated to the principles of Torah and Maddah.  Torah and Maddah only.  Not sex.  At least not with other people.

As a result of this scandalous and embarrassing situation we have asked all students, alumni, and supporters of Yeshiva University to join us in the enhancement of the Chanukah Mitzvah by committing to lighting oil menorahs this year.  Oil represents purity.  Gazing at those buoyant jugs will only conjure thoughts of holiness.  Moreover we ask that you only use EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil.  We hope this tikkun will send a reminder to all about our values.


Rabbi Sagi Nahor,

YU visionary PR representative

P.S. in response to this letter, please include your feedback, whether positive or negative, in the memo section of the paypal donation which you can make to YUVirgins@yu.edu

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