Aish Chanukah video promotes assimilation

Theres been a lot of talk about the newest kiruv indoctrination video from, Aish Hatorah. The pricey video portrays a bunch of yeshivishized BT’s dancing to various theme songs like Born to Be Wild, Staying Alive and Can’t Touch This with clever Jewish lyrics about Chanukah. Quite frankly, the video rocks and if I were into dudes I’d be wasting copious amounts of seed to these young buff dudes gyrating around in an unztnius manner. Nevertheless the video is a Chanukah video and the point of Chanukah is that we survived the Greeks and their forced assimilation, but the video just seems to be saying that we are assimilated and lost the fight. Then again, if you have to use goyishe tactics to make kids frum, some people may say it’s a good thing and give them a heter kiruv.

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