Are the Charedim destroying Israel?

Back in the day I predicted that the goal of Charedim with their laws in the name of tznius was to eventually ban women from leaving the home, never did I think it would actually come true. Yet, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t send me another alarming article about the attempt of some ultra-orthodox group in Israel trying to ban women and girls from doing something which has been deemed untznius. It first started with the Rosa Parks BS and now someone just sent me an article about women being barred from funerals in Israel (I think they can still attend their own)

Then of course you have all of the riots about sanctity of the sabbath and all sorts of other sacred issues which seem to be made up on a daily basis. I know that as a religious Jew I’m supposed to support the theocratic side of Israel, but I can’t help but think it would be a lot better off as a secular country or at least one that isn’t consistently being maneuvered to the ways of the Charedim.

I made the attention getting comment on Facbook that it seems the ultra-orthodox are a bigger threat to Israel than the Arabs, but if a country is weakened from within, there’s no telling what outside enemies could do. As always it seems as if the Jews biggest enemy is themselves.

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