Are we making Rubashkin into some sort of hero?

There’s another video devoted to the “tragedy” of Rubashkin and the sadness that his family is going through. It seems in my mind that he’s being made into some sort of hero, there is no longer a focus on the so called “anti-Semitic” sentencing which I am starting to learn was in the bounds of reason. It has became this huge PR thing complete with politicians being paid to sign onto kol koreh’s announcing the legal treason being perpetrated by a so called anti-Semitic judge. Long forgotten is the crime and all that’s remembered is that it’s not fair. Of course it is a good excuse to make money in the name of a achdus…

Of course the comments on Facebook were interesting, the classic, “but rapists get only 7 years” and he got 27 years was responded to with something I didn’t know…maybe Mr. Fink has some commentary from the legal perspective.

The sentence was exactly where the Federal sentencing guidelines said it should be. The judge could have given him less time if she had filed a lengthy opinion showing why he should have SPECIAL leniency. He didn’t qualify. The Law said 23-30 years. He got 25 after being convicted of dozens of crimes. He got two years tacked on for repeatedly lying under oath.Now you’ll say “But murderers and rapists get less!”
Sorry, that’s comparing apples and horse-apples. You’re talking about STATE penalties. S.R. was convicted in FEDERAL Court using FEDERAL sentencing laws. He also rejected at least three plea bargains, showed no remorse, didn’t cooperate with investigators, didn’t make any restitution and continued lying after conviction. You don’t get leniency under those circumstances.

Seems to me like Mr. Rubashkin shot himself in the foot – what would be the penalty if one lied to a beis din back in the day?

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