Tefillin date with a Stern girl

The Yeshiva University newspaper recently featured one girls story about her mistake in having pre-marital sex. There has been much debate over the piece and whether or not it was appropriate for YU to post something so graphic. What the YU Beacon didn’t tell was the other side of the story, the guys side. She may have regretted it, but I thanked God for it in the morning.

As I’m putting my tefillin on I walk out of the room, I can’tdaven in here while I look at her in her lacy outfit sprawled out on the bed. I daven brachos and get shema in before the z’man and just cruise through davening giving thanks to the fortune of wealthy modern orthodox girls from Long Island.

I really didn’t think it would be this easy to get her in bed, we went out a few times and I maybe spent $67 total. I honestly had no idea if she was shomer or not, but I figured I could break her. All girls can be broken, especially if they went to a coed school and camp growing up. These kids didn’t know what it was like in yeshiva, shomer for them was a choice, but for us it was a way of life.

We were out at Estihana once and our legs brushed under the table and at that instant I knew I could pull off the ultimate tefillin date offense. As I stare at her now out of my periphery, I wonder how she enjoyed it, she seemed to be having fun – I promised that no one would ever find out and that she would thank me on her wedding night.

She must have wanted it real bad because she paid for the hotel room…man these Stern girls are suckers.