WTF is wrong with people?

So I’m wandering around Vos Iz Neias last night to see if there were any good frum scandals worth making fun of and I stumbled across a news piece about two Waterbury yeshiva students who were killed in a van rollover on a Connecticut highway. I felt bad for the families and was about to click away, but I couldn’t resist looking at the comments. What can one really say besides words of condolence or some sort of candlelight tehillim vigil in honor of these terrible deaths? Is there any room for other conversation?

The commenters on Vos Iz Neias went through an entire conversation debating which highway 84 the van was traveling on. I84 goes through PA, NY and CT and someone couldn’t understand how they were heading east on 84 and be in CT. Seems kind fo strange to me for a bunch of people to be bickering about what road the van was on when it flipped over and two young yeshiva guys died, don’t ya think?

There was one comment I really liked, the following comment usually appears in some form on almost every VIN, YWN or Matzav post that turns into a mud slinging event or discussion that has nothing to do with the story in the first place:

The Eibishter would rather we display yashrus and kavod bein adam lichaveiro than come with Selichos. Anyone can say Selichos. Let’s see us stop harassing girls going into schools, stop burning down seforim stores, stop defrauding each other, stop treating non-Jews like they are here to serve us, start reaching out to chilonim with compassion and friendship rather than with stones and spittle. That would be a start.

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