Girls mess with your concentration

In yeshiva, one of the ways they would try to deter us from talking to girls was to tell us how talking to them would make us lose our concentration. I’m not sure about you, but I’m pretty sure that thinking of girls that I talked to (there weren’t many until I hit 18) was a lot better than mishna brura seder at 8am in the morning. I tell you of this because today my concentration slipped for a moment and almost cost me dearly and it was all because of some girl I was thinking about.

I decided to ride my bike after work, despite getting no sleep on Saturday night and almost dying in a fiery plane crash yesterday on my way home to California. I’m up in Marin County racing against sunset on some super twisty singletrack when this girl of recent note pops into my head for a split second – it was a nanosecond I swear and there was no nudity or untzniusness involved. But it was enough to almost send me over the bars, off a cliff and into some trees, somehow God allowed me to correct myself and I let out a huge Holy Shit followed by a loud Baruch Hashem, mincha was also pretty heart filled at the top of the mountain.

I didn’t promise not to think of said girl, or any girls again, but it reminded me of my yeshiva days. I never really could find the maturity to agree with the rabbis, to agree that girls took your mind off the task at hand. It didn’t matter because my girl getting was around zero during my high school years – I did some sloppy making out when I was 14 and had no distractions until after high school (gotta wonder why I never could concentrate anyway)

However, I’m kind of down with girl distractions, especially when they are fresh in the mind. There’s nothing like letting your mind wander when you’re bored or trying to sleep and I guess I’ll have to live with narrowly getting thrown off cliffs – because I like girls and all the distractions they offer the mind.

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