Gemara says lingerie is the way to go

I was just talking with a friend in from Israel about the kosher sex toy website and he said with a straight face that a dildo can save a marriage.  He also told me that there was a woman in Lakewood who was selling lingerie out of her basement and they shut her down. He told me that Lingerie is even in the gemara, of course, my ears perked up – there’s nothing better than sticking it to a bunch of frum prudes then whipping out a bunch of talmudic shiznit to shlug em up real good.

I kind of got lost in this ensuing halachic discussion, but in Eravin 100b (also in pesachim 72) there is a discussion about women getting dressed up to communicate to their husbands that they are in the mood, this is because one of the curses of Eve was that women won’t have the gall to ask their husbands outright for nookie. It is also trying to improve nonverbal communication between husbands and wives.

Ironically, the next conversation in the gemara is about lulavim…

The halacha in orach chaim 240 sif aleph states that if a woman is dressed up or indicates that she wants to shake your lulav you have to comply, this is one of the 613 mitzvos in the torah.

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