Frum Satire makes me frummer

Flattery and emails like these are my inspiration so keep em coming.

Like any frumsatire reader, I’m obviously not a stereotypical right wing ultra orthodox jew. I have my frustrations, and don’t usually feel that close to G-d. I usually associate pretty well with OffTheDWannaBe’s posts. I have been known to mock kol koreh’s, and highly criticize the roshei yeshiva at my yeshiva where I learned for a really long time. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong with text messaging (see assorted stories on frum media, re: BMG bans texting for single students).

But when I come on here, and see people espousing certain positions, I get all defensive. I say, “well, that doesn’t make any sense at all.” I start arguing back, and I think what I say makes sense. Then, I start wondering about my own life: If I criticize Avi for not caring what the gedolim say, why don’t I care that they don’t like text messaging? Don’t I trust that they know what they are talking about before they speak? Don’t I trust my roshei yeshiva that they make more or less good decisions for the yeshiva? Don’t I at least think that they have a better idea what G-d wants than me?

So you see, being forced to defend what I do believe in, makes me believe in it all that much more. So keep posting yom kippur pick up lines and hot chani pics, that’s what gets me here, and I think it is good for my soul.