The pre-internet gedolim are helping us battle the yetzer harah

Sooner or later, all of the elder gedolim will be gone and we will be faced with a crisis, the crisis I speak of is the fact that most of the elder gedolim are from the times when gedolim still had secular educations and were interested in secular subjects. I was reading about Rav Yaakov recently and the book said that knowing science and mathematics helped him gain a better understanding of chazal, Torah and the world around him. I find it disheartening that Rabbis like this will soon all be gone, only to be replaced with the types who sign concert bans without looking at the kol koreh itself or not being interested in anything except for learning Torah 24/7.

But fear not my friends, the pre-churban, pre-war, pre-television, pre-crazy chumra making, pre-black hat madness, pre-tznius partol, pre-haredi riots, pre-tzedakah scam artist types may be embarking on their final journey to the bais din shel mallah – but we have not lost hope – for the previous generation of Pre-Internet Gedolim will be with us for many years to come.

The pre-internet gadol is a valuable commodity that is not to be taken for granted, soon there will be children who grew up solely in the internet age. These children will be the one’s who grew up without those hatzoloh stickers on the phone, they will be accustomed to instant gratification and we must fight the internet disease. The gedolim failed at the fight, the yetzer harah disguised as a smart phone, computer and tablet has sickened our entire community and we need these pre-internet addiction Rabbonom to help us find our path through the internet gashmyas.

These internet is public in our communities, many so called “hiemishe” companies have the internet and even web addresses where anyone can be assaulted with lewd popup images and advertisements. The pre-internet gadol has not been polluted by any of this. Many pre-internet gedolim have never been on a computer or used a smart phone.

Please daven for the zechus of our pre-internet gedolim in that they should live a long time to help us battle the sitra achra that is the internet.

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