Off the derech garage sale: Tefillin, hats, tzitzis, etc

Hey Hesh,

I’m a long time reader of your blog and I have a bunch of interesting stuff for sale that you or maybe someone you know may be interested in. Most of the items I have are religious items and even though I’ve been off the derech for several years now – I have not been able to part with most of the stuff. As you know, I remember reading something about trying to get your off the derech friends to give you their tefillin so you could sell it on ebay or something, most off the derech peeps have a hard time parting with many of their religious items because of guilt. I myself suffered a lot of guilt after going off and being abandoned by my family, I held on to many of the following items for a long time because I felt that God would strike me down if I got rid of them. I’m past that, but I’d still like to find a good home for them.

The following is a list of the items I’m selling, most of them are in good condition:

Tefillin – they are from my bar mitzvah, but I stopped using them when I was 14 and I would tell my parents I had put them on. I was thrown out of yeshiva and living at home and hanging out at Our Place and Ohr Yitzchok, it’s taken me 15 years to part with them, even though I remember joking with some guy in Kiamesha lanes once that I would sell him my tefillin for a couple cartons of cigarettes. I would like to get $400 for them. They are black leather and I have a nameless tefillin case and I’ll throw in a plastic zippered bag and a hatzoloh keychain to the buyer.

Tzitzis – I have about 10 years worth of barely used tzitzis. The story behind these are that I used to tell my parents and Rabbeim that I had lost my tzitzis every time I was caught without them on and so I have dozens of hardly used tzitzis. They are all size 22, but I have so many lying around – the mesh ones that aren’t really considered kosher by real frummies, those neatzit t-shirt things. the regular v-neck, circle neck and I have 3 pairs of wool tzitzis with v-neck as well. I would like $5 for each of the regular kinds and $15 for the woolen ones.

Shas – Why I even have a shas is beyond me, but one of my other friends sold me his chosson shas for so cheap I decided to use it to decorate my library. It’s kind of strange to have my Hitchens, Dawkins, Wright and Fromm stuff sitting side by side with a beautiful never used shas – though I’ve been told that chosson shasim in general are just for looks and no one ever uses them. Make me an offer.

Mezuzos – When I moved out, this chabad guy near me got me a bunch of mezuzos, if you hold that chabad chassidim are apikorsum these mezuzas may not be frum enough for you, other wise they are in great shape and have only been used once.$20 each.

Siddurim – I have several siddurim, my grade school Shiloh siddur and my grandfathers yellow cover tikkun mayer are some of the mix. I have a couple of beige artscrolls and even a koren sacks that someone bought me because they thought it was more modern, but the text is the same old minhag ashkenaz with nothing too different than artscroll. $50 for all of them.

Bresslov Seforim – I have two crates of those free Bresslover books that they force on you whenever they figure out you’re Jewish. I’m giving these away to anyone who wants em, included are classics on how to make money, find your wife and build a succah.

Sheitle – My friend Bruchy asked me to sell some stuff for her too and she has this beautiful Georgie Sheitle that originally cost $2500, it has bangs and a pony tail built into it and I promise you that it will take from frumpy to hot chani in seconds. $500.

Seforim – I tried to sell most of my seforim right after my bar mitzvah, but my mother said that I would want them when I went to yeshiva, I will list them below – please make reasonable offers.

Ribiat Gray 39 melochos set

Mesilas Yeshurim

Chofetz chaim daily sets of LH stuff

The Shmuz complete CD set

The Life and Times of – Rav Moshe, Rav Ahron, Rav Yaakov, The Chazon Ish and The Netziv

Halichas Bas Yisroel – don’t ask

Various really crappy Jewish music CD’s that I was forced to listen to for all of my childhood

First edition set of the Little Midrash says

Washing Cup – perfectly good plastic washing cup without any crust or mold – make an offer.

Copper Washing cup – I have been told that this would be worthwhile to melt down, but I have neither the time nor patience.

Shabbos switch covers – I have 4 of them, given to me as a gift, make me an offer.

Lots of random stuff, like coloring books, yarmulkes, havdallah candles, books my non-frum cousins gave me like Great Jews in Sports and so on…

If anyone is interested in any of the above items – Email Hesh and he’ll forward it to me.


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