Shidduch Business

Guest post by Daniel Mainzer

“There’s no business like Shoah business.” That was true for the past 60 years but times they are a changin’.

Unemployment is high and desperation even higher, unemployed and over-caffeinated.

Shidduch crisis or shidduch business?

There may or may not be a ‘shidduch crisis’ I tend to think not. Today, people are terrified of the ‘M’ word.

In the ‘secular world’, “I want to please you secularly,” marriage is low, sex is high, whose complaining?

In the religious world, I am inclined to think people are getting married way too quickly but for argument’s sake there is a ‘shidduch crisis’ and no-one is dating, no-one is getting married and no-one is continuing the Jewish people.

There is a ‘shidduch crisis’ because JDate tells you there is. There is a shidduch crisis because J-Junction tells you that if you don’t act now, there will be no one left.

I have a problem with the name of the dating site ‘Saw You At Sinai’, there was separate seating around the mountain so it was impossible to have seen you at Sinai. A technical point, nevertheless a cute name.

There is no ‘shidduch crisis’ it is invented by people and organizations that are out of touch with today’s society and mentality. Yes, marriage is important. Yes, halacha is important. Yes, rearing young kinderlach is important but all these ideals, goals and milestones need to be reached at one’s own pace.

Let them date for the sake of dating. Let them discover who they are as individuals. Let them discover the minutiae of life and let them find a girl and date without the immediate pressure of marriage.

If this happens. If it ever comes a time when a person can date for the sake of dating to aid their voyage of self-understanding the ‘shidduch crisis’ will be over.

Until then welcome to world of the ‘shidduch crisis’.

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