Can a woman blow the shofar?

The following is a conversation that happened at kiddush this past shabbos – I tried desperately to keep from laughing and spitting my cholent everywhere, so instead I laughed inside and kept to my straight and mature face.

“Hey rabbi will you blow a shofar that a woman touched?”

Of course, I can blow it if a woman touched it, she can touch whatever she wants.

“I meant if she touched it to her lips”

She can even blow it, what do I care?

“Really, a woman can blow a shofar”

She can blow it as much as she wants. For the record, my shofars been blown by my little girls all week and plenty of other woman have blown it.

“I always figured there was something that happened once she put it on her mouth.”

She can put it anywhere she wants, it’s still kosher and I or any other guy would be allowed to blow it.

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