Newlyweds are tweeting from the yichud room

When I first saw this in the yeshiva world news coffee room, I almost spit my sprouted wheat-berry granola onto my birkenstocks. I had no idea that women were tweeting their labor in the first place and then to hear that women were tweeting their yichud room experience was a bit more than my granola filled mouth could handle. It wasn’t as funny as it was sad, I even called my rav up to ask him if the yichud room was still a yichud room if someone replied to your tweets? Didn’t that mean that you weren’t alone with your new husband, the bottle of seltzer and a plate of sponge cake?

As expected the tweets mentioned were all tznius, but that’s not the point. The point is that in our effort to be social all the time, we have become anti-social towards those we love (according to the mesorah, when a couple marries they should not be in love – for love will grow) I myself was at a concert once and my concert buddy was looking on twitter to see who was tweeting about the Galactic concert that we were grooving to at that very moment, it bothered me immensely and yichud room tweeting does as well.

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