Ultra-Orthodox Facebook is a big hit with frum gays

In an effort to stem the temptation of mingling between the sexes, ultra orthodox Jews have created FaceGlat, the worlds first kosher social networking site where members can only be “friends” with their same gender. Not surprisingly the site has become quite a hit in the Charedi-gay community sparking debates as to whether or not the site should continue despite the fact that despite the separation of the sexes everyone has managed to use the site for sex anyway, because what the hell else is social networking for anyway.

Traditionally frum gays met in less obvious ways, the mikvah was a great place to pick up guys looking for a little NSA hook ups, craigslist, frumster, Jdate and even shul, but until now there was never a really good way to act frum and pick up a fellow gay partner. FaceGlat quickly turned into a frum gay social network, because the only people joining in the first place were gays – who finally had the freedom of not being disturbed by women looking for sex. They could essentially roam the network without the inconvenience of straight people. Many people began putting chassidishe code words in their profiles and suddenly faceglat was being spoken about in mikvahs worldwide.

While the motre modernishe communities laughed at how frum we were, we laughed at how we Charedim had finally figured out a way to give in to our taivos in a free and fullfilling fashion, sex in the mikvah never felt quite right, but now frum gays can meet whenever and faceglat is the first no strings attached sex site that is approved by every single frum web filter.

Find out more about faceglat on 4torah.com