Shofar Flash mob in San Francisco

I still haven’t exactly figured out what a flash mob is, a bunch of people around the world doing something in public at the same time – so is every person in the world riding a bike or walking down the street having a flash mob unknowingly? Is everyone being publicly embarrassed part of the public shame flash mob, what about the chabad tefillin on the street flash mob? I guess it has to be scheduled and this coming Sunday in San Francisco, there will be a Shofar Blowing flash mob in Alamo Square.

Already, even more ironic is that they priginally wanted to do it in Harvey Milk plaza in the Castro – I would pay to see a gay shofar blowing flash mob – I can and will continue to point out the Freudian sex stuff that is what we call the high holidays and the shofar doesn’t escape this ire. So I guess a bunch of people with nothing to do at 10am this Sunday will be blowing the shofar in San Francisco – chabad better get in on this piece of kiruv action and I wonder if enough people to count as a mobv in SF can actually blow the shofar. Can you imagine is a bunch of people who had no idea how to blow the shofar decided to have a wheezing shofar flash mob – that would suck almost as much as the wheezing shofar blower in the middle of a nusach-ari Rosh Hashanah musaf.

Join a global project at the nexus of sound, spirit and technology! On September 18th, Art Kibbutz NYC will host the greatest Shofar-blowing event since Sinai, a worldwide happening that takes the Jewish tradition of sounding the Shofar daily during the Hebrew month of Elul…and gives it a 21st century, postmodern twist.

I can already tell by the language that this event isn’t frum…and pretty left wing, frummies don’t use the words nexus, worldwide and post modern.

Join a large group of volunteers on September 18th who will blow the shofar together at a designated public space for 2 minutes as a call for teshuvah (repentance). This is the first-ever Flash Mob utilizing a Shofar. Your action will be synchronized with other FlashMob teams around the world. This creative event will be documented and incorporated into a Rosh Hashana electronic greeting card. This is your chance to learn how to use the instrument and make a tekiah gedolah (huge blast) that will rouse the heavens, and make Jews around the world, the international media and passers-by tremble.

I’d love to give you a tekiah gedolah anytime…I kind of like it – worldwide call to teshuvah, I wonder if Rabbi Yehuda Levin will be there?

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