Shlugging Kapores

Shame!Last week I posted a list which included a pun that alluded to domestic violence. Comments from people who are machmir on humor during the month of Elul thought that domestic violence is not a good topic for satire.

So let me pay penance (is that too Catholic to say here?) and post the following. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse happens, even in the frum community. And as a result, they just opened the first strictly kosher shelter in New York for victims of domestic violence.

Our most recent expansion includes safehouses with a strictly kosher kitchen, observing the laws of kosher. Ultra Orthodox Hashgacha on our foods ensures that victims will feel safe and secure despite being away from everything familiar. Laws of modesty are observed in accordance with tradition. As per the instructions of the Rabbi supervising our kitchens, we do not allow shelter residents to cook in the kosher safehouses, and rather, meals are served each day. The kosher safehouses are located near yeshivas and religions resources, and empire chicken is available fresh daily, as well as a prayer minyan three times each day. STOP THE VIOLENCE INC. does not discriminate against any individual with respect to the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin or on the basis of disability.

from the Press Release.

Does it happen? Yes. It is funny? No. It this topic appropriate for satire? Hell yes. Maybe something good comes from shining a dark light onto this tragedy.  In the meantime — here’s the teudah.  Yes, Lubavitch.  Victims from the Satmer and Sephardic communities will have to just deal with it — or decide they they too need to engage in the holy act of taking care of others in this manner– or better yet, take steps to prevent this crap from happening in the first place.  It’s a sad day to realize this was needed.



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