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When you have 5,000 friends on Facebook you have a lot of power, almost every link I post gets clicked numerous times and I can be assured that status updates will create some great discussion and hilarious comments. Every once in a while I post that “I can use any ideas for posts or videos” these are usually at times when I know I won’t be on FB for a while and merely want to see if any of the ideas are good enough to write about (I usually have things to write – but once in a while someone actually has a good idea) As of now I have a running list of about 200 topics to write about and am always scratching ideas down in the car – it’s all about the mood and the weather when it comes to writing. For instance I’m writing now – because yesterday I went on a big hike and today is a rest day for me. I copied and pasted the following discussion from my facebook wall to showcase how amazingly funny it can get. This is in response to my status update “Top ten ways you know…”

  • Beryl Smile Teitelbaum Up too late.

    Saturday at 11:35pm · · 2 people
  • Zev Nadler A Baal keri

    Saturday at 11:36pm · · 3 people
  • Lidor Lidge Ben-Arbon not sefardi.

    Saturday at 11:38pm · · 4 people
  • Tova Schreiber an apikores.

    Saturday at 11:42pm · · 4 people
  • Daniel Mainzer Top 10 ways you know you’re too old to be shomer negia

    Saturday at 11:45pm · · 6 people
  • Mo Jo Safdie Messiachist

    Saturday at 11:46pm · · 2 people
  • Chaya Miriam BasAvraham ?…three time zones ahead of Heshy now.

    Saturday at 11:50pm · · 2 people
  • Zev Nadler ?…your negligent discharge did not occur with your Glock 17

    Saturday at 11:51pm · · 1 person
  • Zvi A. Lampert a mishkavzochornik.

    Saturday at 11:53pm · · 2 people
  • Daniel Bryant a niddah

    Saturday at 11:58pm ·
  • Zev Nadler Roydef headed for one of the orey miklot

    Saturday at 11:59pm ·
  • Shalom Rosenberg a tranny rebbetzhin who was ffb until she converted to mormon but is now a bt

    Sunday at 12:11am · · 4 people
  • Eli Zacharowicz not frum enough

    Sunday at 12:15am · · 2 people
  • David Heller ?…needing a year in yeshiva in israel

    Sunday at 12:35am ·
  • David Heller ?…spending too much time on

    Sunday at 12:36am · · 3 people
  • Daniel Ross a bunch of fags

    Sunday at 12:37am ·
  • David Heller ?… too picky for shidducim

    Sunday at 12:37am · · 1 person
  • Zev Nadler A fag who installs solar panels on roofs…

    Sunday at 12:41am · · 1 person
  • Paula Hicks too frum

    Sunday at 1:17am ·
  • Shalom Rosenberg a fag who kicks the shit out of assholes named david or zev instead of being sarcastic

    Sunday at 1:46am ·
  • Zev Nadler Rosebush, I don’t like that punks comment and defended this thread, if y’all don’t like that and have a penchant for pain, come on over and see me. Oh yeah, y’all shouldn’t make fun of fags since u don’t know if you’re really not one yourself unless you tried it. Have you tried it rosebush? Try to get your goy on and answer the question without asking another first…

    Sunday at 2:25am ·
  • Shalom Rosenberg not really sure what that means but if your going to call me rosebush and invite me over for a “pain date” you should at least be a mentsch and buy me dinner first….p.s. i loooove sushi

    Sunday at 2:30am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Finished with “bameh madlikin”

    Sunday at 3:19am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld That the rabbi’s dvar Torah is slowly turning into an appeal

    Sunday at 3:20am · · 2 people
  • Bruce Bernfeld It may have been a mistake asking this guy to davenport mussaf

    Sunday at 3:21am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Davenport??? Daven

    Sunday at 3:21am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Shouldn’t have tried the new pizza place

    Sunday at 3:23am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld May have been assigned with the wrong guy for Eruv patrol

    Sunday at 3:24am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Have attempted to put up the new sukkah by yourself

    Sunday at 3:25am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Agreed to volunteer for………

    Sunday at 3:26am ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Said “Yes” when they asked you to be shul president

    Sunday at 3:27am ·
  • David Heller ?…that you should give up the gabbai gig

    Sunday at 4:51am ·
  • David Heller ?…that your smicha is not well thought of

    Sunday at 4:53am ·
  • David Heller ?…a member of a B-list kiddush club

    Sunday at 4:56am ·
  • Rebecca M. Ross too old for a bar mitzvah and ensuing celebratory event, no matter what chabad says.

    Sunday at 6:59am ·
  • Nati Rabinowitz uve been roofied

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