The Sefardi Browser on the Mac?

HamsaI was talking to a techie in Bensonhurst who explained to me that in order to get onto the internet when using an iMac computer, you need to use the Sefardi browser.

I never heard of the Sefardi browser, but I’m a techie kind of guy myself. So I started to imagine its unique features:  (Sorry in advanced for the geekiness.)

  • The mouse pointer becomes a Hamsa.
  • Sefardi browser’s search engine will never suggest that you buy from an online retailer, because she knows of a lady who sells it much cheaper out of her house.
  • The Sefardi browser is not allowed some in ashekenazi schools in Bet Shemesh, even if you download the charedi theme-pack.
  • The Sefardi browser does not recognize file conversions.
  • Sometimes the sefardi browser displays symbols that cannot be read. But if you scan them with your eyes, it brings good luck.
  • The Sefardi browser supports tabs, but they are bound in white leather and use gold lettering.
  • Ali-Baba-Sali is the default search engine.
  • Sefardi never has a major release, it sings in the hedaj maqam mode.
  • Sefardi browser understands Javascript and Ladino.
  • When you type in HTTPS in the Sefardi browser, it uses the crypto-Judeo algorithm and goes into incognito mode.
  • You’d never boot a Sefardi browser. It prefers to wear low heel slip-on shoes with tassels.
  • The Sefardi browser permits consuming links on passover.
  • At festive occasions Sefardi browser goes to
  • To watch some streaming content, you need to download the Allepo Codex.


  • Whenever you play a social game on Facebook using the Sefardi browser, you’ll always beat your wife.

Any other features?

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