Binah Magzine: Are we teaching our girls too much?

I have always felt that part of the downward spiral of our society that began in the early 1960’s when Kennedy decided to forgo the honorable levush of a president and break the Mesorah by removing his hat permanently and that it quickly reached the Jewish community when more and more people decided to educate their women folk. Thank God for frum tzniusdick publicsations like Binah Magazine that tell it like it is and try to change the horrible trends of the frum community trying to copy the goyish one’s.

It’s changed so much from when I was a kid, I never remember women getting an education and I certainly don’t remember any of the ladies in my life ever straying far fromn the kitchen or the labor room. I guess with the influence of secular society and the entire ultra orthodox community moving to the left has caused such issues to be felt by all.

Where did we go wrong? How did it come to the point that reputable, educational, truthful magazines like Binah which coincidentally or not means “understanding” – would have to confront the problem of literate women head on? Binah shouldn’t have to raise such controversy, they should stick to their regular page fillers like Shaindy’s parve cheesecake recipes, mothers shidduch fears of their eldest daughters and the latest frum novel reviews – but lo and behold they have decided to speak out against the terrible ills of women’s education being perpetuated in our community.

Hat Tip to Julia

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