Sex toy website keeps things frum and tznius

I have always wondered about frum people and sex toys, they must use them, but how can they buy them without looking at pritzus, never having gone to a sex toy store online or real life I can’t be sure, but I’m willing to bet that it;s not really a kosher endeavor. So when I received an email from a fellow in Lakewood who had created a frum sex toy website (I’m amazed at what could be made frum) asking me for help – I was ready and willing. You see, everyone has sex (even frummies do) and I’m sure plenty of frum folks use sex toys, so if anything, this website is really helping the community buy their dildos and butt plugs in a safe and frum environment.

I told him that it would be great if he could approval from the Rabbis, like a haskama from Rav Malkiel Kotler would be such a z’chus and his business would skyrocket, but I doubt the frummies in Lakewood think in the progressive ways I do. They would say things like, oh just the word sex is so untznius, or how could we support such pritzus – but in my mind this guy is a real tzaddik and I hope he doesn’t get hacked – because that’s what zealots do – they shut good things down.

The one thing I didn’t notice were any hechsherim, I always wondered if lubrication needed a hechsher since it may get swallowed, or if toys may be used on pesach if they contain kitnyot? Will they sell to single people, or is proof of marriage and mikvah isage required? Maybe they could produce some instructional videos using crash test dummies?

This is the mission statement and he even allows you order under a fictional name to enhance privacy:’s  mission is to provide married adults with products that can help enhance their intimate moments without involving crude or indecent pictures or text. Every product we provide – unlike those in many other online stores – is sent to you without any crude packaging or accompanying materials. Our website – while obviously only for married adults – contains no crude or indecent pictures or text. We believe that only two people belong in the bedroom – and bringing pictures of others in can only harm a marriage.

We understand that there are many places on the Internet where one may buy products such as the ones on this website; to the best of our knowledge, this is the only “kosher” one. You will never see something on this site that will make you blush. When we need to use descriptive terms for our products, we use clinical and clean language; product pictures do not contain models; and our lingerie are photographed alone, not on a mannequin. was founded by people who saw the need for a “kosher” place online where people would be able to buy products which were traditionally only sold in places – online and offline – where religious people would be uncomfortable.


All our prices are competitive. We do not think you will find any of our products anywhere else at a better price. (Please note: Because we often do not use the manufacturer’s product name – which many times is crude or vulgar – you may have trouble doing comparison shopping. You can take us at our word that we are providing you with a quality product at a competitive price, or, should you want to, you can email us for the actual product name. We do not encourage you to look at other websites selling these products.)

One of the reasons we can provide you with good prices is that we often buy products directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler before they are packaged. We pass the resulting savings along to you.


Simply put, your privacy is our top priority. We do not send you emails unless it is a response to an email of yours. We wouldn’t dream of sharing, selling, or trading your email address. You can make a temporary email address, if you want (using a service such as, to correspond with us. We do not mind if you use a fictional name when you order. If you would like to ship your order to a P.O. Box, to an understanding friend or relative, or to an office address, that is fine. (Of course, anything we ship to you will be in plain packaging with a nondescript return-address.)

We keep all our customer data in encrypted files, and our website is secured.

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