Just freakin wash for the pizza already

People always kind of give me looks when I wash in a pizza store, yes I can deny the folks around me and claim I’m just eating at as a snack and invoke the “just a snack therefore I don’t have to wash even though pizza is bread” rule, but am I fooling God?

I myself prefer to wash when I’m about to eat any meal, this way I don’t eat any foods without making the right bracha and if I actually remember to say a bracha achrona (after bracha) I will actually know it by heart. The sad fact is that I rarely say my bracha achrona’s – I know benching by heart, but none of the others because I never say them – pathetic I know.

I wonder if someone wanted to eat a piece of challah or toast as a snack if they would not wash hamotzi? They for sure would, but somewhere along the way someone decided that pizza, despite the fact it is a form of bread, did not mandate folks to wash for it, how the heck did this happen? Is it thin enough to be considered a more like a cracker, than bread? But most kosher pizza is thicker and bread like than real good thin crust pizza.

I haven’t actually been in a pizza store in 6 months…

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