Poor frummies with expensive leather couches

If you hang out in the frum community long enough you will notice some strange things, like the fact that many frummies who are below the poverty line have a very expensive leather couch, go check it out for yourself, frum families all over the place have these super comfy an d super pricey leather couches when they can’t even afford to serve white meat chicken on shabbos (by the way I found out that they call them tops and bottoms because they don’t want to say breasts, because chicken breasts may lead people to waste seed)

Jews in general like to brag about the deals they got, I feel like everyone is into this sort of thing, but I myself – whenever receiving a compliment about anything – feel the need to go into a long diatribe about the ins and outs of shopping at particular stores and bargaining tips. If you want to hear interesting stories on deals, do yourself a favor and ask your frummy friends where they got their leather couch. Most of the time it had to do with a crazy craigslist closeout deal, the in-laws giving them their old couch or finding it in the garbage and making it look nice again, but no sane frummy will ever pay full price and after paying full price for their cherry wood bookcases they could never afford to anyway.