I’m sick of Chesed Week

I remember the last time I tried to do a theme week, I think it was called Frummy Week and it lasted exactly 2 posts, this week was a bit better and in all honesty I just wanted to throw some people a bone of free publicity, but being nice gets boring and quite frankly no one wants to read feel good stuff. Despite the need for some bloggers to be nice once in a while and forgo page-views, it gets old. Why do you think there is no blog devoted to kiddush hashem’s – besides there aren’t enough of them anyway. I tried the kiddush hashem of the week, but chillul hashem’s are so much more thought provoking and interesting.

So screw chesed week, I’m finished, but before I go back to regular blogging, maybe I should promote myself, so go ahead and send me some money in paypal and donate to me so I can buy a good video camera, pay off my credit card debt (I wanted it gone by the time I was 30, but I think I chose the wrong career for that) and help me buy a fourth bike.