Chesed Week: Make skittles kosher

While there may be wars on foreign shores, rioting in England and the world economy is collapsing, we have more pressing matters here at home, like the campaign to make skittles kosher. Skittles bring back fond memories, to me it;s such a nostalgic thing, because skittles are so darned good – actually I have no idea if they would be good to my 29 year old palate, but all through grade school I ate them – despite people telling me they didn’t think they were kosher. One of the best things about growing up modern orthodox in the 80’s was that no one really cared whether you ate kosher candy and those that did, weren’t really sure what was kosher – I remember 3 people telling me different stories about whether or not whatchamacalit was kosher or not – turns out it was, but snickers definitely wasn’t for I remember when they actually became kosher.

Some of you may argue that by making skittles kosher it is bringing us one step closer to bonding with the goyim, in fact some may argue that skittles and sweet tasting longtime triefe easy to find candies should remain treife because it’s chukas hagoyim, but I told the organizers of the campaign to make skittles kosher that I thought it a worthy cause for chesed week, because all of those Jews who don’t care about kosher and eat skittles anyway – will in fact be eating kosher b’ones and that could be a good thing especially if they sanctify the Lords name within those bites of sweet artificial sugardom.

We can thank Jonathan Hoffman of the Make Skittles Kosher facebook group and a nifty little thing called google alerts, I’m sure those execs will take one look at this post and realize the business and spiritual reasons to pay the mafioso’s at the OU a few thousand dollars a year for kosher protection at which point they will start carrying skittles at kosher stores across the land and paskez will then have to compete with some frum version of skittles – maybe they can call them fraydels or something of the sort.

Regardless, we need people to call up Skittles and tell them how much this means to them, maybe after skittles we can finally get some of the secular gum companies to consider making kosher gum, have you ever had kosher gum? It;s really a chillul hashem…

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