Chesed Week:

Until a few years ago, I didn’t realize that most people didn’t have the skills or know how to invite themselves over for a shabbos meal. I had always figured that if you grew up frum, hooking up shabbos invites was one of the things you picked up along the way, kind of like learning how to do gelilah or look over the mechitzah without getting caught. Then I learned that it wasn’t only people who grew up frum that wanted to eat shabbos meals, even more shocking to me was the fact that people who drove to shul on shabbos and participated in interfaith events would want shabbos invites – how could such hypocritical heretics want top participate in a religion that said they were going straight to hell? Alas, I soon opened my mind towards the possibility of non-frum shabbos meals and wondered how people could invite themselves over when they never went to shul or saw said hosts.

Enter, a wonderful organization that pretty much provides free food to all of those Jews who never learned how to hook up a shabbos meal or invite themselves over to someone’s house for shabbos. I remember the first time someone stared at me when I said that I had called someone I didn’t know out of the blue and invited myself to their house for the weekend, it was abnormal to do such a thing outside of the mainstream frum community and I’m sure whoever founded the site figured this out.

Not only does provide free food to thousands of starving Jews everywhere, but apparently they make shidduchim too!

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