Celebrate Tu B’av Upper West Side style

No, everyone isn’t going to dance through the halls of Oheb Tzedek wearing white in the hopes of a tefillin date, besides most of the folks on the upper west side aren’t frum enough to really think of dusting off their tefillin to consecrate them for an actual date, but I digress – this was merely a post to showcase a wonderful event that Bang It Out puts on every year so that singles can meet in an interesting manner.

Everyone is supposed to dress in white, though I’m sure a few rebellious black and white folks show up. Everyone is given a number tag and in what I may call one of the most interesting ways to garner a date – you write down the numbers you are interested in and at the organizers are given the cards with the numbers and if any numbers match – walla. Now I would love to hear from any folks who have attended the Bang It Out Tu B’av party and as to what actually transpires at what I’m sure is to be an awesome people watching event. I would also be interested to know if it ever rained and if it ever turned into a nipple hiding affair – since everyone is supposed to be wearing white.

Bangitout’s Annual TUBAV PARTY! @ The Hudson Beach Cafe in Riverside Park 8pm to 3am. Monday August 15th  1,000 ridiculously good looking Jewish Singles expected! (20s, 30s, 40s)  (raindate: tuesday aug16)

According to Jewish Talmudic Tradition, Tubav is the most auspicious night of the year to score, ie meet your bashert. The talmud encourages  Jewish singles that on this night, go out, get a P-diddy white outfit, and with an open mind, an open heart and ideally an open bar you will connect.

Please help revive this beautiful tradition by coming out to the Bangitout.com Tubav 2011 outdoor event under the stars. We’re hoping to have over 1000 Jewish single rockstars in Riverside Park to celebrate the summer together and keep the tradition alive.


To make this even easier to go up to that random stranger and break the ice, here is how we’ve set it up so it works:

1. Get a super cool WHITE outfit – Everyone will be wearing white! (if you can’t find anything slick in that color no worries!)

2. Get an entourage together – There will be 1000 jews there, find some hot friends that will encourage you to do the unthinkable: TALK TO SOMEONE NEW!

3. You’ll get a super cheesy Match # sticker. Slap it on your outfit and start trying to find someone you’d like to date.

4. If you write down their number on your Bangitout Match Card and they write your #, we set you up on a date! (We’ve had 10 couples get married from this absurd chaotic speeddating sorta thing – so have fun with it!)

5. Party like a Rockstar

DJ, Kosher Nosh, sponsored by www.bangitout.com

Tzedakah proceeds will go to Gift Of Life.org  to help find a bone marrow match for Ayelet Galena *GET SWABBED!*  (take 1 train to 103rd street, walk west till you hit the park, go down stairs and follow signs to the party)