Next week is Chesed week on Frum Satire

Every once in a while I get a worthy request from someone who wants me to write about their project, organization or event. In lieu of receiving a lot of these requests recently, I decided out of the pure goodness of my heart to dedicate next week to donating my time and words to making fun of and talking about these various items which have been piling up in my email inbox. 

I know that I am liable to get dozens of requests for free publicity, so when you send your requests I think you should beware that although I may give you free press – it is likely that I will bash and make a mockery of whatever it is you are whoring to me. Whether you are trying to cure cancer or fund your succah mobile, all is fair game.

I feel good about this now, for I do have at least 5 items to write about, but next week may roll around and I may end up feeling like writing about something else – so email me whatever it is you feel like publicizing for the goodness of the Jews and your campaign email me at

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