Frum Band Names

If I could play an instrument other then the flab on my stomach, I would play something of the string variety, probably a fiddle, mandolin or the guitar and of course I would have a band and of course it would be frum, not only would my band be frum, but it would be frummy. I would probably want my band to be of the metal, country or bluegrass variety. If I had a metal band I would call it Sinas Chinam, not only does it sound evil, it is evil and we could write it in blood – we could even have an album cover that has everyone drowning in the mabul or dying during Rabbi Akiva’s time or something. Of course that got me thinking about frum band names.

My friend came up with Norman Lamm of God, but after that and Sinas Chinam I’m kind of stumped, but I was curious to see what frum band names you could come up with…

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