RE: Are there any hot girls reading this?

Dear Heshy,

I read your blog regularly and I just wanted to ask you a question concerning the supposedly shallow post about your friends looking to date attractive girls. I’m in my late 20’s and I feel that I’m about to pass my prime and I hope I don’t sound to shallow, but I’m also looking for a guy that only needs to meet one specific thing. I’m looking for a guy who keeps shabbos, I know it’s a bit presumptuous for me to say this considering the fact that anyone looking for something that specific may be lambasted as shallow, but to me shabbos is so important that I don’t want to compromise on it.

If you should post this message please leave my name and contact information out of it. I’m 29 and will soon be 30, I consider myself to be modern orthodox machmir and am looking for a guy who keeps shabbos, there are obviously other factors, but it’s been tough because so many shadchanim think I’m too old to be asking for such things, they call me picky. My friends think I’m searching for the perfect thing and they tell me I need to expand my options – this is the shidduch crisis after all and many of the shabbos keeping guys are married or interested in younger meat.

I can’t just come out and say I want one specific thing when I’m online, I use shabbos as the chief weeding out factor,m no shabbos no chuppah. Do you know any guys who keep shabbos – you can send their profiles to me and then I can be sure that I at least have something that I can work with – obviously I don’t want a guy who only keeps shabbos – I need more, there’s other days in the week, but it sounds like a good starting point don’t ya think?