Shidduch dating is just as shallow as regular dating

Lets face it, the shidduch world is really just as shallow as the goyishe dating world, in fact it may be even more shallow considering that it’s not just about money and looks, but it’s also about religion and that tends to become a bit more shallow than a size 2 with wealthy parents. Since high school I have been warned about the goyishe ways of dating (they liked to throw the modern orthodox into that mix as well) how it’s all about money and looks and that we frume yidden go deeper, it’s true – we go much deeper, but it’s not about the soul beneath, it’s about what seminary the girl went to, where her mother went to high school and whether her father wears a black hat or just a regular old yarmulke. So no I wasn’t surprised the least when someone sent me the link to a new shidduch dating site which forces you to enter in a lot of personal information just to “request” a membership“,(the top of the page even says “the good girl store” implying anyone not accepted to their little shallow scheme as not good) which means they are profiling for the best candidates.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to profile and screen candidates for a new shidduch database, there are too many girls, many of those girls will move to the Upper West Side and Washington Heights where they will live a life of singledom, complaining about how there’s no one to date because they are friends with everyone – so yes there needs to be some sort of screening process. So this is kind of like Lakewood where girls are put into freezer, only here they will never be let out. I copied and pasted the form below to show you just how shallow shidduch dating has gotten…

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