Some frummies have table manners

Hey Hesh,

Just wanted to tell you this great story I think you readers would get a kick out of that happened to me when I was in yeshiva. When I was learning in yeshiva, my parents friends kid was doing some sort of college program in my area and they wanted to him to meet with me for some possible learning or some sort of frum-frei influencing thing.

He was from a proper family, so I figured we would meet for dinner and I would make a fool of myself with my poor table manners, just to give you an idea I used to eat a piece of meat with two forks, so I went to this BT guy in the yeshiva and asked him to teach me how to use a knife and napkin.

We met for dinner at one of the local fleishig places and I decided to order the schnitzel because how hard could it be to eat schnitzel properly, right? This kid decides to order the schnitzel too and before I could even try and utilize my newly found table manners, he takes his fork and sticks it in the center and brings the entire piece to his mouth, like any regulkar yeshiva guy would do.

So I sort of have table manners, but I never really had to use them yet.