No Yichus – No Tuchus

I was just searching for a Yichus picture when I came across this super old Craigslist ad on a super old blog that hasn’t been updated since 2007. I really miss the good old days when the frum craigslist ads were interesting, now they are the same every day.

Date: 2006-12-04, 4:26PM EST
If you are a girl who is descended from big rabbis and kabbalists I want to have sex with you.I want you to come over to my house and tell me about your family yechus and then come to the bedroom and make love. Two weeks ago I did the granddaughter of the chafetz chaim and last night I did the great-great-great grand-daughter of the chozeh of lublin.I am trying very hard to locate relatives of reb moshe feinstein who have big bosoms. Do not apply if your daddy is the rabbi of a young israel.that just doesnt do it for me. No YEECHES No Teeches !!!
Location: Flatbush