Leiby Kletzky Murdered Because Rabbis Turned Over A Child Rapist To Police

I swear I didn’t make it up, God didn’t grant me with such amazing gifts – I can comment and write about mechitza’s, but to claim such insanity is reserved for the truly insane. We all know that Rabbi Yehuda Levin is an insane self loathing closeted gay man who needs to call attention to the fact he hates the gays and anyone else who may be left of extremely right, but I have never heard of Rabbi Moshe Green who is the rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva D’Monsey – Monsey is a pretty loony place, home the treife chicken scandal, Tropper and the New Square Arson Fail – so I’m not surprised.

See the story at Failed Messiah who has a link to the whole thing….