Frum leaders call for Bartenura to remove obscene advertisement

The frum community is in an outrage after Bartenura decided to place their best selling Moscato Diasti white wine in an obscene rap video. Best known as the wine in a Blue Bottle, moscato di-asti is a sparkling wine cooler that is one of the only wines drunk in the frum community. Although Trader Joe’s has started selling the Sarah Bee moscato, the Bartenura wine in a blue bottle has still seen swift sales until now. Community leaders are urging Bartenura to pull the obvious product placement from the DJ Khaled video “I’m on One” which features Drake a Jewish rapper from Toronto. Not only does the video feature untznius women and a lot of expletives typical of rap videos – but the song is not conducive to a frum lifestyle because it keeps talking about how all the rapper cares about is money and that is antithetical to a frum lifestyle. The product placement is featured at the 3:08 mark, thanks to Gila for sending me this important and interesting story.