Are there any hot girls reading this?

I know I’m gonna get a bit of flack for this post, but lets just cut to the chase, one of my good buddies is looking for a hot wife – yes I’ve tried to get him to date girls I consider hot (dude I wouldn’t touch her with your dick – is the common response) and this means that girls I find hot, are in fact not hot at all according to this shallow dude. Sure, it;s a long shot, but in the name of the shidduch crisis I have decided to write a really shallow post trying to find some hottie who needs themselves a hot man, because lets face it, hot girls know they’re hot.

So are you hot? I know for a fact there are some hotties reading this, I have tons of hot facebook friends, ladies from around the world who are single, frum and hot. I’m not going to reveal details, but lets just say I’m looking for my friend because he has given up on shidduch dating and I really think he needs to get married, but like I said she needs to be hot, but that’s not all.

I am going to interview the gals I send to him, all it takes is a picture because like most guys he’s pretty shallow when it comes to shidduch dating, actually now that I think of it – I have two guys I need to find hot girls for. Interestingly enough, one of them will only date girls in the NY area and the other will not date girls in NY – convenient for all you out of town  hotties who are struggling to meet a man who dates GU’s (geographically undesirable’s)

Here’s the deal you should be between the ages of 24-35, be hot, be frum modern orthodox machmir is the preferable – though we can swing either way a bit) You should be well read, not too into materialistic things and be active – both dudes are of the outdoors variety and both dudes are very well read and can support a family and pay yeshiva tuition when it comes to the baby making portion of the fact. Neither of the dudes is a cohen, so BT’s, converts and those who slept with non-Jews at some point can definitely apply.

Oh and I’m not screwing around, I figured we might as well get this out there and if this post is removed – it’s because one of the guys figured out who they are and gave me an angry phone call. Don’t get mad when I tell you that you aren’t hot enough fortunately many girls are open enough to realize they are in a similar situation as this.