The Frum Satire underground

At my brothers engagement party, the hostess told me that she became friends with this other random fan of mine whom she met through my blog, it was the first time that I realized (other than the one shidduch that miraculously happened from some folks arguing in the comments)that people who were involved with Frum Satire in one way or another, were becoming involved with each other. I’m not only talking about folks hooking up and dating which has been happening as well, I am talking about regular folks, chatting, meeting for coffee and becoming online friends with each other and I feel totally awesome at this realization.

Every once in a while I notice that fans of mine who had obviously never met in person are having discussions with each on facebook and actually friends, I keep noticing this and I find it super cool that there is this whole Frum Satire underground – I wonder if anyone is ever asked how they met and they respond that we “met on Frum Satire” – than I’d be shepping mad nachas.