Segulah Ring Saved My Marriage.

Segulah RingI’m so happy with my new Segulah Ring.  I saw the ad in the last issue of Mishpacha magazine (didn’t you?) and read some of the blogs about it.  It’s truly an amazing ring and it has changed my life — specifically:  it saved my marriage.  It worked for me, it can work for you too!

At first I was not sure how to use the ring.  The ad says that it must be kept double wrapped at all times.  I know the feeling — my wife wants me double wrapped too (we have more kids than she can handle).  But I was curious why was this ring so special  — was it the holy Sheimos Hekedoshim that made it so holy?  The special way it was dipped in a mikveh? That is was crafted by G-d fearing Yidden? I’m not sure, but gevalt! did it work.

It  was too big for my fingers — of course.  And it came with a little instruction sheet in Japanese, I think.  But it had a diagram too.  There were many features that made this segulah ring work.  It was pretty soft — almost gel-like, but not gummy.  It had these nice semi-hard nubby parts around it.   When I finally figured out how to wear the ring I found it was pretty comfortable too.

So I figured I’d take it for a test.  And the timing couldn’t have been better.  It was the right week, if you know what I mean.  The segulah ring  acted like a sleeve garter — you know — like the ones that the old bartenders would wear in the old west.  It kept the “sleeve” in place with nothing rolling down.  Neither the ring nor I were double wrapped anymore.  And the nubby parts work magic too.  Ask my wife.  She said that those G-d fearing yidden really knew how to make the ring have just enough bumpiness to add friction, but not so much to be a distraction.  It was truly an improvement to her kavanah.  And when she has kavanah, I’m happy.  For years she was complaining that she could not have kavanah anymore and was very upset with me about it.  Unfortunately, I’m very fast with the silent amidah, and I don’t have the energy for chazoras hashash anymore.  It was taking a toll on the marriage.

The best part is that this segulah ring keeps me up at night.  I don’t mean that it makes me more awake.  I drink 5 hour energy for that (but only the ones with the Star-K).  I mean it helps with some of the occasional bouts of, how shall I say it, um, laziness.  It basically prevents the laziness for occurring — so I’m lasting longer and she’s enjoying it more.

All I can say is “Baruch Hashem”  And thank you to the frum yidden who thought of this segulah.  Thanks to the great rabbonim, like Rav Sternbuch — head of the badatz, who gave the haskomos for this.   And I really appreciate that the ring can be shipped to my home or business in a nondescript  package and includes a little glossy catalog of other Segulah and kavanah enhancing products that we can order discreetly.

She loves it.  And I love it too.  You should get them too.  Let me recommend the special — where you get two rings: the chol version which has the battery for the vibrating action, and the Shabbos ring — no batteries and it glows in the dark.