The wikipedia yarmulke chart

Hat Tip to Talia for alerting me to this amazing chart in the Wikipedia page for Yarmulkes

Kippa.jpgCrochetedReligious Zionism , Modern Orthodox,[17] Conservative Judaism,[20] Reform Judaism[20]
Kippa judentum.JPGSuedeModern Orthodox,[17] Conservative Judaism,[20] Reform Judaism[20]
Black Kippah.jpgBlack velvetHaredi[21]
Casamento judeu1.jpgSatinConservative Judaism, Reform Judaism
Na-nach-nachma-yarmulke.jpgWhite crochetedBreslov Hasidim wear a full-head-sized, white crocheted kippah, sometimes with a knit pom-pom or tassel on top. Some Breslov Hasidim, followers of the late Rabbi Yisroel Ber Odesser, wear it with the Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman mantra crocheted in or embroidered on it.[22]
Bukharan[23]Popular with children,[14][23] and also worn by liberal-leaning, feminist and reform Jews